Boankra Integrated Logistics Terminal

The GSA in partnership with the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA) and assisted by the Ministry of Transport are in the process of selecting a strategic investor to partner in the development of the Boankra Inland Port near Kumasi. This key infrastructure would link the ports of Tema and Takoradi to the inner parts of the country and the landlocked countries of Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger. It is expected to be a free port that would combine unimodal and inter-modal operations aimed at easing congestion at Ghana’s seaports thus facilitating the transit trade of Ghana’s land-locked neighbours.
Some of the benefits to be derived from the establishment of the Boankra Inland Port include:
- Reduction in generalized transport cost of international cargo to importers and exporters from the middle and northern parts of Ghana, including the Sahel sub-region;
- Increased export of produce such as cola nuts, shea-butter, cocoa and cocoa products, wood and wood products;
- Promotion of the establishment of export processing zones in the vicinity of the inland port;
- Enhancing of the operational efficiency of both the Tema and Takoradi ports through decongestion.
Work that has so far been undertaken towards the development of the Inland port include full acquisition of 400 acres of land for the project, the completion of the Boankra Shippers’ Centre/Administration block of the Inland Port, the provision of primary infrastructure such electricity, water and telephone facilities to the Inland port project site, and the construction of access road connecting the Inland port to the Kumasi-Konongo highway.

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