The Authority

The Authority operates under the ministerial responsibility of the Ministry of Transport and has a two-tier organisational structure, namely the Governing Board and the Secretariat

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The  Governing Board

The Governing Board of the GSA is made up of institutional representation of various importers and exporters as well as government agencies responsible for maritime trade and transport. The Governing Board works through its Technical Committees of Finance & Administration and Ports & Logistics for the achievement of its objectives.

List of Institutions with representation on the Governing Board;

  • Association of Ghana Industries
  • Ministry of Trade and Industry
  • Ghana Supply Company Ltd
  • Ghana Revenue Authority
  • Timber Industry Development
  • Ghana Timber millers Association
  • Ghana Chamber of Commerce
  • Ghana Chamber of Mines
  • Cocoa Marketing Company
  • Ghana Ports and Harbour Authority
  • Ghana Shippers’ Authority

The Import/Export Shipper Committees

By 1993, the GSA’s activities had expanded, and in the light of the prevailing liberalization in the country and calls from the various stakeholders for the expansion of the membership of the GSA, it became imperative to establish the “Import/Export Shipper Committees” which could effectively address the needs of importers and exporters in shipping matters affecting their interest. Thus in 1994, the GSA formed the Shipper Committees as a medium of bringing the Authority’s activities to the doorsteps of shippers in Ghana.

These Committees are comprised mainly of private sector importers and exporters from small-scale to industrial giants, who meet regularly to discuss common shipping problems affecting the shipping industry in Ghana. There are presently ten shipper committees in ten Regions of the country.

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The Secretariat

The GSA’s Secretariat is managed by a group of highly skilled professionals who are directed by a Chief Executive Officer.  The staff apply their talents, professional expertise and knowledge in providing solutions to the myriad of problems encountered by the Ghanaian shipper on a daily basis.

As the repository of maritime transport data and information, the Secretariat also provides relevant inputs to government for informed policy decisions.

The Secretariat’s Head Office is located in Accra. It has three branches that have been strategically located in Kumasi, Takoradi and Tema to ensure that its services can be accessed by its numerous clients. The Secretariat works through seven (7) functional departments, namely Freight & Logistics, Research, Monitoring & Evaluation, Shipper Services & Trade Facilitation, Management Information Systems, Finance, Public Relations and Human Resource & Administration. The work of the Secretariat is supported by Legal and Audit Units.