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  • The quarterly journal – Shipping Review carries educative incisive articles on topical issues of the shipping and logistics industry.
  • The Maritime Trade & Transport Digest which is published annually provides a comprehensive overview of Ghana’s seaborne trade and shows the performance of shipping lines, cargo throughput and direction of trade, transit traffic statistics to inform and assist shipping industry practitioners planning and policy formation;
  • Regular publication of brochures and flyers containing trade-related information to assist in the GSA education and sensitization effort;
  • Two major books namely The Admiral and Maritrade containing compilations of papers that are presented at the Maritime Law Seminar for Judges and the Maritime Law and Trade Conferences are published regularly. 
  • A toll-free hotline (0800 30005) to enable GSA respond promptly to enquiries of shippers, businesses and the shipping public.  
  • Bulk SMS technology and various social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc) to facilitate the dissemination of timely and relevant information to importers, exporters and GSA stakeholders;
  • ShippersApp which carries shipping news, maritime trade statistics, ETA/ETD of vessels, charges at the ports, lodging of complaints, etc to make it easier for stakeholders to get shipping and logistics information.
  • Website to provide electronic information to shippers and the general public on its activities as well as its research and maritime statistics. It also affords shippers access to related bodies in the shipping industry. It can be accessed via: