Education and Sensitization Programmes

The GSA upholds the need to sensitize and empower shippers, the business community as well as shipping and logistics service providers in order to assist them improve upon their knowledge and skills and also adopt best business practices. The education programmes take the form of maritime seminars, conferences and workshops such as:

  • The biennial Maritime Law Seminar series for Judges of the Superior Courts of Ghana which updates the knowledge of the Judges on current developments in international maritime law.
  • Maritime Law and International Trade Conference (Maritrade), a biennial event held for professionals within the shipping and logistics community as well as financial and legal practitioners.
  • Annual seminars for journalists and media practitioners to keep them abreast with new developments in international trade, shipping and logistics and also galvanize their support in the execution of GSA’s mandate of informing and educating the general public.
  • Open Fora for Trade Associations to interact with importers, exporters and traders in their trading localities to learn of problems confronting them in their day-to-day business transactions.
  • Workshops for Owners of Haulage Trucks and Drivers to build their capacity and sensitize them on rules and regulations governing the transportation of cargo on the country’s roads as a means of reducing cargo truck accidents in the country.
  • Biennial National Shippers’ Day to bring together suppliers and consumers of shipping services in Ghana to appraise the performance of the shipping industry over a period and to chart a course for the industry’s future development.