In the exercise of its mandate derived from NRCD 254of 1974, the Ghana Shippers’ Authority has continued to generate maritime statistics for purposes of undertaking studies and enquiries into problems affecting shippers in Ghana.

Globalization has made statistics even more influential in decision making and implementation. In the area of international maritime trade and transport, competitiveness in the global market place is determined by the availability of accurate and timely information which statistics enjoys a pride of place. This may comprise data on route analysis, freight rate movements, cost quality and time factors, new orders, market structure and share analysis etc. The desire of government to make Ghana the gateway to the West Africa sub-region through an export led growth amongst others makes the ready availability of such statistics even more imperative.

The Ghana Shippers’ Authority has thus continued to provide relevant maritime statistics to all stakeholders in the furtherance of the objectives of government.

The statistical information provided by the Authority places emphasis on the ports of Tema and Takoradi. It is available on quarterly and yearly basis. The five and the ten year volumes are compiled for socio-economic decision making on maritime trade and transport and to furnish researchers, bankers, shippers and transporters with useful data for the needed analysis in the entire maritime industry.

In view of the importance of the Ghanaian Corridor for transit traffic, the Digest comprehensively captures transit statistics, which inform planning towards the improvement of productivity and competitiveness in the shipping industry in Ghana.